Transform Your Life In Just Seven Days

The 7 days challenge will teach you how to create affirmations for your own unique condition and challenges in your life so that you are transforming your
life completely.

What You’ll Get During This Challenge

Are you looking to change your life? Then this is just what you need! With
the 7-day challenge, you will learn how to create affirmations to change your
life for the better. It is focused on your needs and helps you live a happier

7 days of intensive affirmation creation with 47 templates to work on.

create your own affirmations manual for the rest of your life.

What Happens During the Challenge

7 days challenge is a seven-day affirmation course to empower you with the mindset to overcome challenges. It's a one-hour live program for 7-days, The course is a challenge to make affirmations for your own unique situation and to
help you learn how to believe in yourself and manifest your goals and desires. going to happen during the call? What are the benefits your future clients will get?

What Changes After the Challenge

Make a commitment to your future today and say YES to affirmations for 7 consecutive days

This is an opportunity to build powerful positive energy that will carry you through life!

After the challenge, you will transform your life, achieve your goals, and fulfill your life's mission and vision.

As a result of which you will reclaim you infinite potential and live a life of abundance and happiness.


Malini Rajendran - is a divine soul having a human experience. Her only mission in life now is to activate humanity’s heart to create a new earth. She brings to the field, a heart-centric focus. Grounded in four decades of diverse international experience as an educator, serial entrepreneur, inventor, activist, and thought leader in a variety of sectors like radio broadcasting, theatre, education, tourism, hospitality, aviation, event management, publishing, environment, and human potential design.

A Fulbright scholar, she has a variety of master’s degrees and diplomas ranging from Botany, Education, Environmental Law, Spirituality, Value Education, International Standards, Astrology, and Alternative medicine.

Extensively traveled (29 Countries) she has a global perspective and is comfortable in diverse cultural environments. Living from the heart and through the heart in everything she does. The Divine Heart Academy was created to power up humanity to live a heartful bliss. She is your Queens of Hearts and divine heart energy wizard.

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